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Cravings can come from emotional, biological or genetic urges, nutritional deficiencies, or belief systems passed down from generations. To be specific as to why you crave or are addicted to certain thins a complete kinesiology session would be required. Following are some ways to counteract your undesirable cravings.


Green tea is a great substitute for coffee and tea addictions. You still get the caffeine hit without stressing your adrenals plus a burst of antioxidants. Supplements of Phosphorus, Sulphur, Iron or salt may be required.


Sugar cravings around 3pm or after dinner can be avoided by having protein for breakfast and lunch. Eating refined sugar makes you crave more refined sugar. Substitute with fruit, stevia or xylitol, all natural and healthier alternatives. Adding something acidic to each meal lowers the glycaemic index: lemon, vinegar, pickles, olives, green tea and wine! This keeps down your blood sugar levels. Supplementing with chromium and omega 3 can also help.


Extreme chocolate cravings can indicate a magnesium deficiency. For a real chocolate hit without the guilt go for 70% cocoa, sugar-free chocolate.


If its greasy food you crave, ensure you’re getting enough ‘good’ fats and calcium. If you don’t eat fish 3 times a week, then take an Omega 3 supplement. Eat more seeds, fresh nuts, olive oil, or flaxseed oil. Good oils turn bad with light and heat. Omit all trans fats (margarine, commercial cakes pastries and fry’s) they are carcinogenic!


Your body may be low in protein, potassium or calcium. If it’s the sweetness you crave, try a glutamine supplement. Yeast cravings can indicate a candida problem. A kinesiology session will uproot deeper psychological needs for alcohol.

Salty food

Your body may be low in chloride. Eat more fish, goats milk and unrefined sea salt.


Silica and Tyrosine supplements can help. Eat lots of Vitamin C rich food. Each cigarette uses as much Vitamin C as 1 orange.

Premenstrual cravings

Premenstrual cravings can be alleviated with Vitamins B6, Zinc and Omega 6. Evening Primrose Oil particularly helps. Red meat, root vegetables and seafood. Habitually over-eating You may need silica and the amino acids Tryptophan and Tyrosine. Eat more nuts and seeds and avoid refined starches. For a more detailed outline of where to get the nutrients you need, please call me on 0418 490 866.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Carabetta. Over the past 24 years I have helped people make the transition from struggling with stress and difficulties to empowered states of renewed vitality.